Franklin Honors Fallen Firefighters

Posted by Community Relations Department on 8/8/2013

Franklin Police and Fire High School began its school year August 5, with a ceremony to remember the fire fighters who perished in the Yarnell Fire, June 30.  Dean Fernandez from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) addressed the students, and then rang the Franklin Honor Bell as students read the names of the 19 “Hot Shots,” followed by a poem, reportedly written by one of the fire fighters’ wives. 


Bless these Men and Women/ Who risk their lives/ Who come together



One team united /To fight the blazing fires



The most Valued & Respected /Group of Soldiers /To even walk this earth



They’re not fighting People /No Governments, No Nations



They’re fighting worthier Battles /They’re fighting Wild Land Fires



Many go out to fight the blaze /Knowing fully well the risks involved



In these battles across the nations /Glad when they can come back home



With heavy hearts remembering /The times when there’s few who don’t



So here’s to those of Many Colors /Who wear the Gold & Green



Give them the Strength, the Knowledge the Endurance that they need



To continue the Fight, of Wildfires /May they return again, Home to Me




Fernandez teaches a course on Wildland Firefighting each spring at Franklin and certifies students to work in the summer during forest fire season.  Some Franklin students have become full-time BLM employees.  Principal Lorenzo Cabrera recognized the students, and their future commitment. 


“Ladies and gentlemen, you are always on the front lines.  I want to commend each and every one of you, because you have chosen a noble career to protect and serve your community, community members and families.  When people are running away, you are running toward the danger.”