Phoenix Union Increased the Number of A and B Schools

Posted by Community Relations on 8/8/2013

Phoenix Union increased the number of A schools and B schools and no school recorded a Letter Grade of less than a C in this year’s Arizona Department of Education accountability rankings, released August 1.


Three-time A school Franklin Police and Fire was joined by Bioscience High as A schools, Maryvale joined Metro Tech, Cesar Chavez and Betty Fairfax as B schools, and Alhambra improved to a C school.  Six of PUHSD’s 14 high schools measured, were A or B.  Since Letter Grades were introduced in 2011, five PUHSD schools have improved their letter grades. 

Nine schools and the District improved in total points.  The top movers were Maryvale, improving 11 total points, and Alhambra, which improved nine total points, and had a 14 percent jump in students passing AIMS Reading. 



2013 AIMS scores were also released.  Phoenix Union had no change in 10th grade Math, but was five points up in Reading and had a four-point improvement in Writing.  The State average had a one-point gain in Math scores, a three-point increase in Reading and one point in Writing.