Cesar Chavez Scholarship Totals

Posted by Community Relations Department on 6/5/2013

A record amount of scholarship money was earned by 72 Cesar Chavez seniors.  None were more impressive than Jose Guzman, who had $2.6 million in offers, representing 20 different scholarships, including the Gates Millennium, QuestBridge, Stanford, Northwestern, Brown and Grinnell, each over $200,000.  Seven other students received over $100,000 each in offers.  Octavio Jasper, 10 scholarships at $415,000; Brain Diaz, $338,000 with offers from Cornell and Hofstra, among others; Danielle Adams, 17 scholarships at $318,000; Ray Villariz, eight scholarships at $337,000; Karla Patino, eight at $388,000;  Sergio Eseberre, $195,000 and Johnathan Bautista, $106,000.