Camelback Scholarship Totals

Posted by Community Relations Department on 6/5/2013

Camelback had some big scholarship earners this spring, and 78 students earned some type of merit scholarship.   In fact, ten students earned over $100,000 each in scholarship offers.   Ana Barbara Sanchez tallied $217,000, Jose Rodriguez earned $142,000 in offers, Maria Rojas, $122,000, much of it coming from St. Mary’s in San Antonio.  Other top earners included Kimiko Lyon, $168,000; Jazmin Beltran, $141,000; Daniel Bello, $136,000; Enedina Guzman, $120,000, Dong Yan Lu, $110,000 and Faith Leftridge, $119,000.  Antonio Zepeda’s football scholarship to UNLV was worth $134,000.