Maryvale Sweeps JROTC Competition

Posted by Community Relations Department on 5/15/2013

Maryvale dominated the Southwest JROTC Orienteering Championship, April 27 in Prescott, sweeping the top three places in the main competition, winning the female division, and placing second in the co-ed competition.    Lyon Norcross and Damian Norcross finished first, Gonzalo Rodriguez and Francisco Garcia, second and Ismael Guerrero and Richard Collazo were third.    Yesenia Gonzalez and Jacky Della Torre won the female competition, and Shanley Carlson and Ricky Garcia placed second in the coed competition.  There were 140 two-person teams from 22 schools in the event, and Maryvale had eight teams in the top 25. JROTC instructor Sergeant First Class Daryl Yost is the orienteering coach.


Orienteering is a sport that requires critical thinking, decision making and map reading skills to navigate a course over open terrain.    JROTC teams compete on  a worldwide recognized Score-O Course.  That means cadet teams have two hours to find (collect) as many controls (checkpoints) as they can.  Normally a team will find no more than 24 hidden throughout the course and the teams must find them by understanding the terrain features around them and the map they are carrying.   Each control is worth a different point value.  The further the point is away from the start, the more it is worth.  Winners are decided by the number of points earned and the fastest time.