Bioscience Students Help Develop Prosthetic Aligator Tail

Posted by Community Relations Department on 3/20/2013

Bioscience had a hand in developing a prosthetic tail for an alligator, in a landmark procedure.  Two seniors interned with The CORE Institute, Midwestern University and the Phoenix Herpetological Society (PHS) to design the three-foot long new tail, by researching several alligator specimens of different sizes to come up with the appropriate size for the nine-year old alligator, named Mr. Stubbs.  The experts believe the tail of the alligator was bitten off. The prosthetic tail, which allows the alligator to swim, is covered in Dragon Skin, a material often used in special effects in films, and it is harnessed to the alligator’s posterior.  According to the PHS, it is the first reptile in the world to receive a prosthetic limb of any kind.