Franklin Students Win Bureau Land Management Award

Posted by Community Relations Department on 12/19/2012

Two Franklin students are winners of the Bureau of Land Management’s High School Essay contest. The first place winner from Franklin, Ashley Merida, won an iPad and third place winner, Gloria Loredo, won a $100 gift card. The BLM presented the prizes at the school, December 11.  Franklin competed with two other high schools in the contest. The students wrote about their experiences at the Public Lands Commemoration Forum, what they had learned during in-class sessions about Public Lands and their ideas on the future role of public land in Arizona.



Earlier in the year, the students learned about the General Land Office, BLM’s management of public land resources, and federal career opportunities and experienced hands-on cadastral surveying, using historical and modern-day methods and techniques.  They attended the Public Lands Commemoration Forum in September and met and interacted with special guests Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, former Secretary of the Interior Bruce Babbitt and BLM Directors past and present.   The speakers discussed the roles of the judicial, executive and legislative branches of the federal government and how these branches helped the development of Arizona and national public lands and public land laws.