Bioscience Students Teach Gardening from a Truck

Posted by Community Relations Department on 12/12/2012

A group of Bioscience students are teaching the basics of farming from the back of a pick-up.  Using the same technology that developed roof top farming in urban areas, the truck farm will be brought to community events and local elementary schools to teach the community about farming.  Partnering with the Growhouse, a community garden and organic restaurant, nine students, called “greenterns,” will lead classroom instruction using the truck farm.

“We definitely wanted something that would be hands-on because if you’re just there lecturing them, you’re most likely going to lose their attention,” Gladys Arce said.

The truck farm is currently growing lettuce, cabbage, peas, herbs and strawberries and will likely be ready for its first harvest in a couple weeks, according to the Growhouse’ Kenny Barrett, who purchased the pickup truck from a South Phoenix farmer.

“Showing people that they can be self-sustaining not only helps our environment, but it helps people as well,” she said. “It helps promote healthy eating,” Samanta Arroyos said.

 “I honestly never thought I’d be planting plants and vegetables on a truck, so it’s a pretty memorable experience,” Arce said.