Central Dedicates Peace Pole

Posted by Community Relations Department on 11/28/2012

Central dedicated its Peace Pole, November 20 with a ceremony that mirrored the diversity of the campus, where over 50 languages are spoken by students. Students from 33 different countries participated in the ceremony.  The four-sided peace pole has the words “May Peace Prevail on Earth,” written in eight different languages and a cement base will accommodate more languages on tiles.  The Class of 2010, North Baptist Church and a private anonymous donor made the pole possible.  The dedication was held on Universal Children’s Day and celebrates the diversity of students who come from different corners of the world to learn together and form life-long friendships.  The dedication included a Native American blessing, a gathering of students from around the world and a keynote address by Calvin Terrell, a community advocate and diversity trainer.  Students and their countries represented in the ceremony included Cuba, Somalia, Mexico, Kenya, Cote D’Ivoire, Japan, China, Iraq and Morocco, as well as Apache and Navajo nations and the Hebrew faith.


“We have students from all parts of the world who have come to Central as immigrants, refugees, and exchange students,” Kristie Pinner, English Language teacher said. “They not only learn together in class every day, but they also learn from each and make life-long friendships. They are truly paving the way towards a global community and set the example of how people can work together as one.  I am sure that the Peace Pole will be used for future Peace on Earth Days and as a constant reminder of our growing diversity within our student population.”


According to Pinner, the idea started a few years ago with the school’s first “Peace On Earth Day” (held in April) when a community member brought in a “mobile” Peace Pole for a ceremony in which students from several different countries gave short speeches about what peace meant to them.   It was such a great concept that Central began to plan on its  own permanent Peace Pole on campus.  


The students from the Be The Change Club (the diversity club made up of students from BobcatTown) and the Peer Leadership class took on the task of planning the ceremony.