South Mountain Students Attend MBA Women's International Seminar

Posted by Community Relations Department on 10/24/2012

The power of women was the theme at South Mountain, October 16, as over 100 female students attended a seminar presented by Gail Romero, the CEO of MBA Women International.  The organization, dedicated to the advancement of business women as corporate leaders, executives and entrepreneurs, held its annual Leadership Conference and Career Fair, October 18-20 in Phoenix.  The school event was part of an outreach effort to build leadership skills for women.


Romero discussed physiological differences between men and women that make women more effective in leadership.  Besides the creativity and resourcefulness of women honed through centuries of family management, Romero says they can be better in the board room.  She said men think with the frontal lobe of their brain, and their high testosterone makes them more aggressive with a desire to win.  Women utilize left and right brain traits, and oxytocin, a hormone that encourages bonding, so that women develop a relationship with those with whom they are negotiating.  She cited that corporate boards of directors that have women as members had 36% greater profits than those companies with male-only boards.


She had the students close their eyes visualize where they will be, what they would look like, what they would be wearing and what they would be doing in 10 years.  Students mentioned  the air force, pharmacy school, business school and law practice and the a CEO of a sports business.  Romero stressed getting a mentor to “help you dream and figure out how to get there.”  She stressed starting a written plan today, starting with five things you want to accomplish in your life over the next 10 years.  She mentioned that men are risk-takers, but women can’t be afraid to fail.


“Failure is good.  When someone says you can’t do that, I say ‘watch me prove them wrong.’  You don’t need to be empowered.  You already have it.”  


Female students should learn leadership skills now in high school, and make a commitment to change your path in life.


Romero gave some advice on networking, and invited students to attend the conference on Saturday. 

South Mountain student Mercedes Villa appeared on   KTVK TV’s morning news show discussing the event and attended the MBAWI conference on a scholarship.   She is ranked third in her class, is a member of the girls varsity basketball team and the step team.