• Betty H. Fairfax High School is an IB World School offering all students an IB Education.  The Diploma Program is offered to students Grades 11-12The International Baccalaureate is an internationally recognized program of study noted for its depth, challenge, and global perspectiveIt is an inclusive, comprehensive, and academically rigorous two-year curriculum that focuses on fostering lifelong learning skills.  
              Diploma Program 


     Why IB?
    • IB aims to educate the "whole person"
    • IB encourages students to appreciate cultures and attitudes other than their own and to be informed and willing to communicate with others.
    • The IB approach to education is not encyclopedic. The emphasis is on helping students analyze their education and use it in meaningful, practical ways.
    • The IB DP's international acceptability allows for both flexibility and mobility.
    IB courses are recognized by universities and institutions around the world; this includes access to scholarships and excellent educational opportunities! Review a detailed list of colleges around the world who accept IB credits: University Recognition