• Name: Mr. Kujawa

    Subjects / Classes Taught: Government and Economics
    Degree(s): B.S. from Arizona State University and M. Ed. from Northern Arizona University
    Email: kujawa@phoenixunion.org  ASU                      NAU           
    Hello and welcome students, parents, and guardians to the start of the spring semester.  For seniors this is their last semester before graduating in May.  Economics is a one semester class and I am excited to focus soley on it this spring with my seniors.  Students will be learning about scarcity, profit motive, the role of government, self-interest, supply and demand, banking, advertising, entreprenuership, markets, prices, shortages, surpluses, market structures, taxes, inflation, unemployment, gross domestic product, fiscal & monetary policy, the Federal Reserve, stocks, bonds, protectionsim, tariffs, quotas, corporations, income, social security, savings, credit, personal finance, and the global economy.  Economics should be an interesting, challenging, and motivating experience for all my students.
    Expectations:  As always student participation, respect, and academic responsibility are expected by all seniors in my class.  AVID Cornell Notes, Close reading,  & marking the text continue to be used regularly as common reading & learning strategies applied in class.  Every student should come prepared with a pen, pencil, notebook, highlighter, binder and Advisory agenda.   Lastly, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to email me.  Thank you.  Have a great 2nd semester.
    CCHS BLOOD DRIVE information will be provided in early February.  Forms will be available in my room, 5207.  Donate blood and save 3 lives...
    Go Champions!!!   CCHS
    Period 1 Prep       Period 2 Economics       Period 3 Economics          Period 4 Advisory    
    Period 6 Lunch    Period 5 Economics       Period 7 Economics          Period 8 Economics

    • Room # 5207
    • Office Hours: 2nd Lunch (12:00pm - 12:45pm) or after school
    • Textbook(s) Government: MacGruders American Government, Economics: McGraw-Hill Understanding Economics
    • Community Service Project.  No exceptions..
    • ParentVUE and StudentVUE are up and running.  Please regularly check your grades and assignments.
    • To reach me by phone call 602-764-4000.