• Medical and Health Studies Program
    Alhambra High School

    The Alhambra High School Medical and Health Studies program is for students interested in going into a Medical Profession or a career such as Certified Nursing Assistant (CAN), Athletic Training or Physical Therapy. Students may get the opportunity to participate in hospital visitation at one of the Abrazo-Health Hospitals located near Alhambra, work in an Arizona State Certified Care Facility as a CAN trainee, or work with one or more of the Alhambra interscholastic sports teams who play for Alhambra High School, depending on a student’s interest in Medical or Sports-related curriculum.

     Students enroll in “Introduction to Medical Arts” their first year and choose a strand for their remaining three years. Students are encouraged to take advanced science and math courses in conjunction with the Magnet curriculum.

    Strands offered

    Medical Professions

    The four-year curriculum for students interested in medicine or one of the related professions consists of a program of classes that are science-related and will prepare the students for the types of classes they will be required to take in college or technical school. Students should anticipate taking both science and math classes appropriate to the particular profession they are interested in. Courses could include Anatomy and Physiology.

    Sports Medicine

    The four-year curriculum for Sports Medicine is the same as the Medical Professions curriculum for the freshman year. In the sophomore year, students participate in Anatomy and Sports Medicine classes where they learn various treatments for athletic injuries. They are also exposed to the types of fitness and rehabilitation classes needed by athletes to prepare for their sport or recover from an injury received while playing their sport.