• Global Studies Program
    Central High School

    Do you enjoy traveling and seeing the world? Are you interested in learning about other cultures? Would you like to learn a second or third language? Do you aspire to serve our country as a diplomat or a foreign service officer? Is your future in international business? Would you like to work for a multinational corporation?

    The Global Studies program teaches students about world cultures, international relations and global business. It is designed to give students opportunities to learn about our increasingly interdependent world, and be prepared to find employment in an international field.

    A unique aspect of the Global Studies program is the student exchanges. Central High School has sister-schools around the world. Students enrolled in the Global Studies Magnet Program may have the chance to travel to, and host students from our international sister-schools. These student exchanges are a wonderful opportunity to put into practice what is learned in the classroom-they serve as the capstones of the Global Studies program!