• Name: James Hanawalt 
    Subjects / Classes Taught: American Cultures
    Ottawa University: BA History, Grand Canyon University: MA Secondary Education 
    Sports: Boy's Golf Coach

    Course Description:

    The purpose of American Cultures is to develop and hone the student’s research and writing skills while studying vital and unique aspects of American History. American Cultures is a course in which students will conduct extensive academic research and synthesize multiple sources of information which will culminate with well written essays.  The curriculum of American Cultures is broadly inclusive; students will explore a wide variety of historical events that will illuminate the values, problems, and achievements of many of the different ethnic groups that comprise the citizenry of the United States; and in doing so, students will examine these group’s unique perspectives and points of view. This course will emphasize the use of technology in the classroom. Students will frequently use technology throughout the course to complete assignments, take tests, and conduct extensive research while writing their essays and research paper. This course is designed to challenge students to accomplish these tasks and to prepare them to successfully meet the challenges of career, college, and life.  Most importantly this class is the first step in getting students ready to not only GO to college, but to GRADUATE from college.

    Additional Information 
    • Room # 6106
    • Phone: 602-264-4000
    • Office Hours 2:30pm-3:30pm by appointment

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