• madrid   
    Students making light art in La Plaza Mayor in Madrid before leaving to Paris.   March 2014.
    Bonjour !
    We are organizing the following educational fieldtrips for our students in order to provide them with an opportunity to practice their newly acquired language skills and experience a different culture.   All trips are open to ALL Central High School Bobcats !
    Dates : February 2020
    Cost : $1000
    Cities : Osaka, Himeji
    Dates : March 2020
    Cost : $1000
    Cities : San José
    Dates : March/April 2020
    Cost : $1000
    Cities : Grenoble, Lyon, Paris
    If you are a freshmen or sophomore you can plan ahead so that when you are a junior or senior you will be prepared to participate in the longer trips to Europe.
    If you would like more information please come and see me in my classroom, room 522 ! :)