• Soccer - Men's
    Coach: German Alvarez   
    Contact Information: galvarez@phoenixunion.org

    Mission Statement:

    The Champion Soccer Program is established to motivate student athletes to perform to their highest level as a team and as an individual on the course/off the course and in the classroom. Our first goal is for the student to have academic success.  We strive to offer our students character development, discipline and good sportsmanship!  To be a part of the team you need to be dedicated, committed to yourself, the coach and the team. Take responsibility for your own actions and have the enthusiasm to keep going head strong as a team. I am looking for players that will work hard to make the changes needed to strengthen their individual and team play.

    Program Goals:

    ·         Develop young men of character

    ·         Increase the skill level in each player

    ·         Build self confidence

    ·         Teamwork, sportsmanship and discipline

    ·         Have fun


    No Pass/ No Play

    No Pass/ No Play regulations require students to earn passing grades in all classes in which they are enrolled. Grade checks are conducted every three weeks. Students who receive failing grades are ineligible to participate in athletics until they are passing all their classes.