• ELL Department 
    Instructional Leader: Ann Marie Palmer 
    The English Language Learner (ELL) Department at Cesar Chavez High School strives to provide a premier education for English language learners. The ELL program follows the state four hour model for time allocations for different proficiency levels of ELL students. Each proficiency level (Pre-Emergent/Emergent, Basic, Intermediate 1-2 and Intermediate 3-4) follows the AZ State ELD (English Language Development) standards in instruction. 
    ELD Instruction
    ELD instruction is distinguished from other types of instruction in that the content of ELD emphasizes the English Language itself. It focuses on phonology (the sound system of a language), morphology (the internal structure and forms of words), syntax (English word order rules), lexicon (vocabulary), and semantics (how to use English in different situations and contexts). While ELD is connected to English language arts instruction, it is foundational for English language acquisition work, since listening, speaking, reading, and writing tasks conducted in English are considerably more difficult in the absence of knowledge about how English operates. Reading and writing, aligned to the Arizona K-12 English Language Learner Proficiency Standards, are also considered content in ELL Classrooms.


    ELL Classroom Entry & Exit

    ELL program entry and exit is determined by AZELLA score. Students whose AZELLA composite proficiency level scores are Pre-Emergent, Emergent, Basic, or Intermediate shall be grouped in ELL Classrooms. New ELLs, in the first year of education in an Arizona school, shall take the AZELLA at least twice during the first school year, once at the beginning of the year, or upon initial entry to school, and once at the end of the school year for purposes of measuring progress. Continuing ELLs shall be reassessed with the AZELLA at the end of each school year.


    ELL Scheduling & Time Allocations

    Each student who qualifies for the ELL program placement receives four hours of daily English language development instruction. This instruction is divided into four discrete courses.

    ·         Students at the Pre-Emergent and Emergent AZELLA levels receive daily a one hour Conversational English and Academic Vocabulary, a one hour English Reading (System 44), and 2 hours English Writing and Grammar.

    ·         Students at the Basic AZELLA level receive daily a one hour Conversational English and Academic Vocabulary, a one hour (System 44), and 2 hours English Writing and Grammar.

    ·         Students at the Intermediate AZELLA level receive daily two hours of English Language Arts, as aligned to the Arizona Language Arts Academic Standards, a one-hour English Reading (Next Generation) and a one hour English Grammar.



    In addition, ELL students also take grade-level content classes to meet graduation/college entrance requirements. ELL students are required to participate in and pass state content tests such as AIMS along with the native English peers.


    For more information about the ELL four-hour model you may visit ADE’s website @ http://www.azed.gov/english-language-learners/. For more information about the ELL program at CCHS, you may reach me at meyers@phoenixunion.org.  Thank you for visiting us online!