• Hey Stampede, 

    Welcome to your off-site learning resource webpage. If you receieved a laptop from the school please do your best to take care of it and return it in good shape. Avoid having drinks close to the laptop and dont place it on a blanket or pillow, use it on a hard surface . Also, regularly sanitize the laptop if you can! Here is a video on how to clean the laptop the right way : 

    How To Clean Laptop

    If you are using school laptop , you need to login to it with the account information given to you when you picked the laptop up. After login : Connect to Home Wireless . You will use Office 365 ( Teams, Outlook ) with your student email address and password ..not the bfhs-go account

    If you are using your own device , just use your student email and password for Office 365 services. 

    Thanks for caring for this device, and hang in there!

    We wish you the best with the rest of your studies this semester. See links below for helpful info!


    You got this !!!   stampede  

    -Fairfax IT Team


    IF your PXU laptop is not functioning properly, please do the following :

    Click HERE to send a HelpDesk Request. In the email , tell us which school you attend and do your best to describe the problem. A phone number will be listed very soon as well. 

    Dont send a HelpDesk Request for things that you are not sure how to do when working with your assignments , those types of requests go to your instructor. Only send HelpDesk Requests for problems with the laptop such as laptop not turning on, keyboard not working, charger not working, or no display.