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    Saturday, February 23, 2019




    Come be a part of our success

    Did you know that helping out the students of Alhambra Robotics is as easy as clicking this link?


    In under 5 minutes you can be a part of our growth and innovation by making a Tax Credit Donation! Its easy and fast.

    1. Click on this Link

    2. Make your donation to Alhambra Robotics - (see example below)

    3. Enter your payment information... 

    Its safe and fast. You can make a lump sum payment ($200 for singles, $400 for couples) or small donations over time.

    We humbly appreciate your support 

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    Do you have a passion to help bright motivated students to learn? Do you have any skills that you would be willing to share? (Marketing, electronics, pneumatics, hydraulics, motors, mechanical skills, engineering, small business skills, psychology or just want to come and share?) 

    Come get involved!

    Contact Mr. Jones or Mr. Goldie about how you can get involved in the excitement.