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    September 2018 
    September 15 - October 15 Is National 
    Hispanic Heritage Month!
    September's Awareness 
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    Maryvale Counseling Department
             (Serving the Maryvale High School Community with Pride!)
    The Maryvale High School Counseling Department is always ready to work diligently for our student's academic, career, emotional and social well-being. Throughout the school year, there will be many opportunities for specific grade levels to receive information about academic criteria needed to graduate from high school and direction for reaching post-secondary goals.

    To see a counselor, students are to visit Ms. Velinda Arollo, our Department Office Assistant, before or after school or during lunch to set up an appointment. At that time, the student will be given the date and time to return to see their counselor.


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     College, Isn't a Dream. It's a Plan!

                                               Keep Calm!  We are here to help! 
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     ACT Test Dates:
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     Freshman Orientation July 27, 2018
    Click Here >>>   Freshman Orientation Video
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    University of Arizona rep in the house...
    Our Counselor staff
    Left to right :
    Ms. Marta Carter, Mr. Stephen Fowler, Ms. Judy Laufer, Mr. Andres Bustamante, Ms. Beth Obeng, Mr. Jesus Cordova, Ms. Alesia Thomason, Mr. Mario López, and Ms. Allison Williams
                    Not Pictured: Ms Velinda Arollo (Sr. Office Assistant Guidance)
     Dreamers  We Stand with DREAMERS!
    Meet our School Counselors:
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    Mr. Bustamante 


    Mrs. Carter



    Ms. Ruble




    Mr. Cordova



    Mr. Fowler



    Ms. Laufer



    Mr. López

    Mrs. Thomason    




    Instructional Leader for Counseling:
    Ms. Allyson Williams 602 764-2049
    Sr. Office Assistant for Counseling:
    Velinda Arollo 602-764-2041


     Counseling Office: 602-764-2041