• Dr. Emily Bogusch
    Subjects / Classes Taught: ESL English (AWG 1-2, Basic Grammar 3-4)
    Degree(s): BA Physics/English, MAT Science Education, PhD Educational Psychology
    Classroom: LA23
    Office: LA31A

    Welcome! My name is Emily Bogusch.  I am currently the Instuctional Leader for the English Language Learning (ELL) Department at North High School.  I love teaching and learning, whether it is in school, at home, or anywhere else we might happen to find ourselves.

    This is my 14th year of teaching in the Phoenix area.  Most of my experience has been in teaching mathematics.  In January of 2017 I made the swtich from math to ELL English.   In addition to my ELL English classes, I love helping ELL students be successful in their mathematics classes.  

    Professional Organizations:
    CTA: Phoenix Union Classroom Teachers Association
    SRCD: Society for Research in Child Development
    AERA - American Educational Research Association