• Peggy Steinhagen
    PE/E Writing/Grammar Block 1
    Bachelor of Science
    Elementary ELL Certification
    High School ELL Certification
    Master's in Education Administration

    My name is Ms. Steinhagen and I have been at North High School for 3 years.  I am a co-sponser of the Hiking Club. It is my honor to be at North working with your children. Originally, I am from Minnesota where I graduated from Moorhead State University. I taught Oral Language Development in Texas for 5 years before joining the Peace Corps and moving to the West Indies where I was a Science Teacher Instructor. I moved to Japan to teach English at the ABC Academy in Kasugai, and worked with students from pre-school to adults. I have taught in Arizona for the last 20 years in the areas of English Language, Academic Vocabulary, Curriculum and Instruction as well as administration.
    Every Mustang, Every Day!
    Every Mustang, Every Day!

    If you have any questions or need me for anything, please email or call me anytime.
    • Room #LA-47
    • Office Hours: 9:50 am to 10:40 am
    • Textbooks: Interactive Notebooks
    • Rosetta Stone
    • MAP Plan For Success
    • Students need the tools to be independent thinkers and problem solvers.
    • Expectations-Students will complete all unfinished assignments in MAP class.Log In to ClassDojo
    • Classroom Policies/Rules-Always Be Prompt, Be Prepared and Be Polite
    • Syllabus-Please see the Plan for success
    • Assignments-All assignments will be in student planners.
    • Calendars-See student agendas
    • Useful links-


    QUIZLET Grammar





    If you have internet at home, your son/daughter may finish lessons, practice skills and improve reading fluency anytime.
    If you have any questions about behavior management, see invite sent home and check progress anytime.                            
    This is a great site for Grammar Every Day, it also has short quizzes and pronunciation help.