• Phoenix Union Gifted and Talented Academy

    Gifted and Talented Academy

    Are you an incoming freshman or sophomore interested in applying to attend for next school year?


    The Gifted and Talented Academy, a micro school found at Maryvale High School’s campus, is changing the way we look at education. Awarded PUHSD’s 2018-2019 Micro-School of The Year award, The Gifted and Talented Academy gives its scholars an opportunity to excel academically and grow holistically. The academy allows students to accelerate at their own pace with many students taking inbuilt accelerated course offering. Learning is enhanced via interdisciplinary connections through projects (PBL). The Gifted and Talented Academy offers a unique holistic experience for students. Teachers not only facilitate their students academically, but support the whole child development, which shape them into a responsible and compassionate citizens of tomorrow. In the Academy, we encourage collaboration between students, parents, communities, and colleges, helping to create a supportive professional network through education. Students are also consistently encouraged to participate in sports and various clubs on Maryvale campus. Thus, the Gifted and Talented Academy imparts an education which is personalized for the students to flourish in life. Focused on college and career readiness, the Gifted and Talented Academy helps every student to prosper no matter where their path may lead them. We are now accepting Freshman applications for the 2020-2021 school year. Go Panthers!

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