• Name:  Florianne
    Subjects / Classes Taught: Inclusion Agebra 1
    Degree(s):  BA in History and Education, Masters in Distance Learning

    Hello!   I am so excited to work with your children.  All math students can go to the Math Lab in the mornings Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 7:00nto 7:30 and after school Monday through Thursday from 8th period to 3:15.   Advisory can be used for your student to get extra help in any class.
    • Office Hours:  I can help your student from 7:to 7:30 in the morning in room 6222.  I work in the Algebra lab Monday and Wednesday between 2:35 to 3:15. 
    • All students have a Plan for Success.
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    • Expectations
    • Classroom Policies/Rules
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