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    Counseling at Phoenix Coding Academy

    Students, hello and welcome to the Counseling web page.  My name is Maria Enrique and I have the pleasure of working as your Counselor at Phoenix Coding Academy! The question that I have to answer when grading myself as a counselor is "how are students different as a result of the school counseling program?" The answer to this question is the heart of my work here. 

    This and every year you are creating and adding on to your post secondary plan so that your goals and dreams start to become reality when you graduate.  My job is to make you all aware of opportunities, programs and scholarships that you can take advantage of this and every year to enhance your educational skills.

    A little about me, I grew up in San Diego, attended UCSD at 17, got married at 21, moved to Phoenix and finally at the age of 30 graduated with a BA from ASU. With the help of my husband and children I was able to earn my Master's degree from NAU and get my Counseling certification.  I truly love my job! My door is always open so please see me when you get a chance.  Go Pythons!

    Maria Enrique, MAEd