Trevor G. Browne
    Student Support Services 


    Who are we?


    The Student Support Services Team at Trevor Browne High School provides support for students to help positively impact their day-to-day educational experience.  The student support services department is available to students and their families for a wide range of help.  Student support services consists of the Social Worker, Student Prevention/Interventionist, Behavior Intervention Specialist, Student Liaisons, and Community Liaison. 


    Some of the ways we provide support for students include:

    • Individual and group services
    • Suicide and crisis assessments
    • Consulting with teachers and educational staff
    • Facilitating conflict resolution sessions through restorative conversations and mediations
    • Working with students on problem-solving or de-escalation tools 
    • Advocating for student needs
    • Connecting students and families with community/outside resources
    • Providing classroom presentations about mental health and other social/emotional topics
    • Helping students with daily attendance
    • Assisting families in need of shelters, food boxes, clothing, school supplies and basic needs

    Bruin Tips:
    Life Balance Tips From Student Support Services

    - Talk to someone! If something is upsetting you, open up about it, rather than keeping it bottled in. Our counselors and student support services team are here to help. Stop by the Counseling office, Student Support Services, or fill out this electronic form and someone will connect with you: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=YRiAyqiKVU6gPHPtFl268vC4DFgjYXNOh1WPO3zK1KNUMDUwT1hNNjcyU1RET1JPN1RFTEw0UFRGTS4u

    - Make an effort this week to spend time with the people you love (pets count, too). 

    - It is OK to take a break sometimes. Listen to music; watch a show you love, anything that is just about you!

    - Make sure you are getting enough sleep. The National Sleep Foundation recommends that teenagers get 8-10 hours of sleep per night. (Statistics show that only about 15% of teenagers actually get this)!

    - Let’s get those endorphins going! Make an effort to exercise several days this week, whether it is intense cardio or even just taking a walk outside to enjoy nature! Get your heart rate up for at least 30 minutes to make it count.

    - Do more of what makes you happy! This week, make a goal for yourself to take a little time each day doing something that you love.

    - Eat healthy. What you put into your body impacts what you get out of it. 

    - Do you love technology? Check out some of these great apps that can help with self-care: Breathe2Relax; Guided Mind; Goals Free (There are plenty more where these came from! Look into the hundreds of great apps that exist to help with self-care)!

    - Surround yourself with positive people that bring you up… (Instead of people that bring you down).

    - Are you incredibly busy trying to get caught up or preparing for tests? Get organized by making a “to do” list or simply make a plan to organize your time… (Being sure to include some down time for relaxation or self-care).

    - Laugh! It is OK to not take ourselves serious sometimes. Watch a funny movie, read a funny book, have fun and enjoy life! Have a great last week of school and a relaxing summer break!