• Gifted Education @ Metro Tech
    Our Gifted Facilitator is Andrew Chapman, BioEngineer, MPH, NBCT
    (he's gifted too, and is available to chat with, especially during Advisory!  Come on by his room [9002, where Fizziks is Phun] and hang out, set up an appointment, explore your potential, or just relax and be yourself.)
    What does it mean to be gifted?  There are many many many definitions, but all tend to center around the idea that a gifted brain is amazingly special in one or more ways.  Perhaps you notice things others don't, you can solve puzzles that baffle others, you can empathize deeply with the plights of others, you see colors or sound in ways that others don't, or you see connections where others see only randomness.  Whatever your gifted trait is, certain things will come easy to you, and if you choose to work hard at it, you may be surprised at just how amazing you can be!  Please take a peek below for some examples of gifted traits and definitions.
    Metro Tech is an amazing place for gifted students - our CTE programs allow them to shine in areas for which they have passion, and our suite of Honors, AP, elective, (and dual enrollment, and...) courses allow students to explore their potential across a wide variety of academic areas, and we are excited to be a national (and state) leader in implementing the clustering model, currently for our 9th and 10th graders - please contact Mr. Chapman for details or if you have questions!
    • New to gifted education?  Perhaps try this link - Definitions of Giftedness
    • or maybe dive a little deeper with - "What Do You Know About Gifted Education"
    • So you think you might be weird?  No - you're just very very special - learn about Dabrowkski's 5 Overexcitabilities (details here from SENG, simple examples here) (well, it's probable you're a bit quirky ;-)
    • are you frustrated that people don't understand your ideas?  You're not the first, take a gander at Plato's Allegory of the Cave, and what it might mean - does it sound like things that happen to you?
    • oh, and just because you're amazing at something doesn't mean you have to master it... multipotentialites know there's so much to explore, Oh the places you'll go!
    • and if you're into being in smart people clubs, MENSA might be for you...
    • Or maybe you're just interested in learning more about different kinds of personalities!
    • (and the Library and Mr. Chapman's room have lots of resources, puzzles, and books for you too)
    Some sites of interest to you might include:
      Arizona Association for Gifted and TalentedHomeAZ Dept of Ed  creative brain