• Name:  Ken Hyder
    Subjects:  English 7-8 (Seniors)   and   English 5-6 (Juniors)
    Degree:  B.A.E. Secondary Education - English; Arizona State University
    Email:  hyder@phoenixunion.org   and   hyderenglish8@gmail.com
    Room:  2215

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    10-part Paragraph with Citations Outline:
    1. Topic Sentence
    2. Supporting Detail #1
    3. Text Evidence with Citation
    4. Explanation/Elaboration on Text Evidence
    5. More Explanation/Elaboration on Text Evidence
    6. Supporting Detail #2
    7. Text Evidence with Citation
    8. Explanation/Elaboration on Text Evidence
    9. More Explanation/Elaboration on Text Evidence
    10. Concluding Statement
    Senior English:
    Senior Project - Cause and Effect Essay Guiding Questions:
    GQ1:  How is this problem happening?
    GQ2:  Who is causing it?
    GQ3:  Why is it continuing to be a problem?
    GQ4:  What are the consequences on the local level?
    GQ5:  What are the consequences on the global level?
    GQ6:  What are the possible future consequences if nothing is done?
    Senior Project - Argumentative/Problem-Solution Essay Guiding Questions:
    GQ1:  What is being done now, and what progress has been made?
    GQ2:  What are your proposed solutions?
    GQ3:  What is the counterargument for your proposed solutions?
    GQ4:  What are your final thoughts regarding this Global Issue?  Call to action for the everyday citizen?
    Junior English:

    One-Day Research Assignment - March 18th

    Step 1:  First, choose one theme of Fahrenheit 451 for your one-day research assignment:

       a  Using too much technology can have a negative impact on the individual and society as a whole.

       b  Art should never be censored because it doesn't allow for creative expression.

       c  Reading and discussing books is important for our society.

       d  People should be more social and have meaningful conversations.

       e  Everyone should be more aware of what is happening around the world.

       f  Blind conformity can be dangerous for the individual and society.


    Step 2:  Conduct some research to find one online article that will support the theme.  The article doesn't have to be about the book.

    Step 3:  Next, write a 10-part paragraph with citations based on the theme you chose and using evidence from the article as your text evidence.  This paragraph will have nothing to do with the book.

    Step 4:  Finally, write a Works Cited citation for the online article you used as your source.