• Name:  Ken Hyder
    Subjects:  English 3 - 4 (Sophomores)
    Degree:  B.A.E. Secondary Education - English; Arizona State University
    Email:  hyder@phoenixunion.org   and   hyderenglish8@gmail.com
    Room:  2215

    Need help with basic formatting in MLA?  Click on the following link:
    10-part Paragraph with Citations Outline:
    1. Topic Sentence
    2. Supporting Detail #1
    3. Text Evidence with Citation
    4. Explanation/Elaboration on Text Evidence
    5. More Explanation/Elaboration on Text Evidence
    6. Supporting Detail #2
    7. Text Evidence with Citation
    8. Explanation/Elaboration on Text Evidence
    9. More Explanation/Elaboration on Text Evidence
    10. Concluding Statement
    Sophomore English:
    Tuesday, November 12th Writing Assignment
    Step 1:  Complete today's assignment on the same Google Doc that you used for the Friday Igbo Culture assignment.
    Step 2:  Today's writing prompt:  In one paragraph, explain 2 traditions/values of America.  Research to find your own source to cite quotes in your paragraph.
    Step 3:  Follow the 10-sentence outline that is posted above.
    Step 4:  When finished, type a Works Cited citation below the paragraph.
    Friday, November 8th Writing Assignment:   Igbo Culture
    OLD ASSIGNMENT - Webquest Assignment - Monday, October 28:
        The purpose of today's assignment is to gain background knowledge before reading the book Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe.  To understand the story, you will learn some relevant information about the country of Nigeria, the Igbo culture specifcially, and the author himself.  Use the added website links to help you find the answers.  For the 3rd section of questions, you will need to research your own sources.  You can choose to write your answers on paper, or type them in a Google Doc to share with me.
    Background on the country of Nigeria
    1. Where is Nigeria located? On what gulf can it be found? 
    2. What is its capital?
    3. What are four major languages spoken there today?
    4. What is the number one religion that is practiced?
    5. When did the British gain control over Nigeria? 
    6. When did Nigeria regain its independence? 
    7. Who controlled the government between 1960 and 1999? 
    8. What are some of the ongoing problems the people of Nigeria face? 
    9. Who rules Nigeria today? 


    Background on the Igbo culture

    Site 2:  https://africa.uima.uiowa.edu/peoples/show/Igbo

    1. Who are the major ethnic groups of people in Nigeria? 
    2. For what forms of art are the Igbo people well-known? 
    3. Describe the Igbo economy. 
    4. Who determines the leader in Igbo cultures? 
    5. Explain the form of worship many Igbo people followed before Christian missions arrived. 


    Background on the Author and Imperialism

    Site 3:  Research to find your own!

    1. What is colonialism/imperialism? How can it be a bad thing for a culture when the country is colonized by another country?
    2. Explain 3 examples of colonialism/imperialism throughout history.  Who controlled who?  When?  Why?  How did it stop?
    3. What is the significance of the Kola Nut in Igbo culture?
    4. Achebe was born in what country? In what year?  When did he pass away?
    5. He graduated from where?
    6. Why did he leave Nigeria?
    7. Chinua Achebe was a Professor of English for what American college?
    8. List two other works Achebe has written.
    9.  Finally, below all of your answers, write a Works Cited citation for all the sources you used to answer questions 15-22.  Forgot how to do that?  Refer to your notes or open the MLA Quick Reference link above.


    Magical Realism Analysis Writing Assignment - Friday, October 25
    In a Google Doc, type 2 paragraphs.  For the first paragraph, you must explain how the story "A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings" has at least 8 examples/details of magical realism.  For the second paragraph, do the same thing, but for the film "Pan's Labyrinth." 
    Outline for each of your 2 paragraphs:
    - 1 topic sentence using the Topic Sentence Formula
    - at least 8 details explain elements of magical realism in the story
    - 1 conclusion sentence to restate the main idea of the paragraph