• Volunteer at Phoenix Union High School District
    (Includes any other visitors to schools who interact with students.)
    Volunteers are a key element in the success of a school.  Schools today rely on the services, expertise and generous time and talents that volunteers provide.   The Phoenix Union High School District welcomes a variety of volunteers who enhance our students’ educational experience. However, for the safety and protection of students, staff and our volunteers, we are required to follow certain guidelines, depending on your involvement. According to PUHSD Operational Procedure IJOC-OP-1, and ARS 15-341(A)(16) and 15-512(A) volunteers must be at least 21 years of age, and be a high school graduate or have earned GED credentials.
    Volunteers, parents, agency staff or community members who have contact with students:
    On an individual campus - contact the campus Community Liaison to determine the level of clearance required.
    For multiple campuses - contact Cyndi Tercero, Dropout Programs Developer at tercero@phoenixunion.org

    The following guide will identify those types of volunteer services and the requirements necessary.  We hope this makes volunteering easier at our schools. Thank you for volunteering at Phoenix Union.

    Volunteer Athletic Coaches - These individuals will need to contact the Athletics Office at 602-764-1334 for approval information.

    If you have any questions, please contact the Community Liaison at the school you have selected, or call the District Dropout Programs Developer at 602-764-1304.

    Campus Community Liaisons: