Daniel B. Eaton
    Subjects / Classes Taught: 
          Marching Band (0 hour)
          Orchestra (2nd hour)
          Beginning Band (3rd hour)
          Intermediate Band (7th hour)
          Percussion Ensemble (8th hour)
             Bachelor of Education
                - Music
             Master of Education
                - Educational Leadership 
             IB SL Certified 

    NHS Band / Orchestra Mission Statement

    The Band and Orchestra Program of North High School is dedicated to teaching the art of music to students, parents, and the community, and to build necessary life skills to exist within our society.  Music can help us to understand the value of hard work, learn how to become organized and productive, and to build social skills with your colleagues and fellow students.  Through our dedication and commitment to excellence in the North High School Band and Orchestra Program, we will achieve the highest level of perfection.