• Dear Parent/Legal Guardian:

    In January 2002, the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) was signed into law to improve educational opportunities for all children attending a Title I school. This federally funded program provides assistance to schools serving students who are at risk for academic failure. This legislation supports the school district’s efforts to provide a strong standards-based educational program for students along with accountability for student achievement.

    Central High School operates a Title I program, which provides additional support for all students. NCLB requires that all Title I schools make Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP). Parents of children attending Title I schools must be notified of their school grade label.  Parents of children attending Title I schools have two options to consider:

      ·   Attend a PUHSD Public School within the boundaries of the Phoenix Union High School District 


      ·   Receive free tutoring and interventions supported by Title 1 funds at Central.

     School Choice


    The Phoenix Union High School District adheres to open enrollment laws and allows open enrollment for any students. Please see Central Registration Office for enrollment information or visit the enrollment links at the Phoenix Union High School District web site at: www.phxhs.k12.az.us


    Free Tutoring

    In addition, your child may receive free tutoring from their classroom teachers before school, after school, at lunchtime (when available), during Advisory period, and on weekend during Saturday school tutoring sessions.

    Parents may request additional tutoring interventions by seeing the Administration so we can customize a tutoring plan for your student.

    School Improvement Plan


    Central has been diligently working with the district and ADE to revise our Continues Improvement Plan for Central. In order to address student achievement results derived from analyzing assessments such as ACT, AIMS, and District Assessments, and to improve Central’s graduation rate, attendance and reduce the dropout rates the district and ADE are assisting Central in:

    • Utilize AVID strategies across the curriculum to teach students learning skills.
    • Institute and strengthen Cambridge curriculum to increase rigor in all classes.
    • Develop specialized programs such as Destination Graduation and SUNS Central to target at-risk student with specific academic interventions.
    • Institute an Advisory period to counsel students and prepare them for college, career, and life.
    • Utilize technology to analyze data and disseminate information for our community.
    • Establish Assessment for Learning Cadres for teachers to promote meta-cognitive reflection and self-assessment strategies to improve instruction.
    • Promote Reading and writing across the curriculum that will encourage reading and writing in all content areas.
    • Provide Extensive Professional Development that will develop high-quality formative and summative assessments to promote student learning.
    • Institute a new student management system that will provide timely data to teachers and parents on student learning.

    The school is implementing the following strategies to improve our grade label:

    • Focus on regular academic checks and monitoring grades throughout all years with a focus on graduation and rigorous college preparatory.
    • Maintain mandatory Fall and Spring Break AIMS Boot Camp for Juniors and Seniors who have not passed required assessment and course work.
    • Improve academic progress of all students by requiring students not meeting 70% Mastery to Saturday Completion Labs.
    • Utilize AVID strategies and Cambridge Habits of Mind across the curriculum to teach students real world learning skills.
    • Institute Cambridge curriculum to increase rigor in all classes.
    • Develop Pathways to invigorate curriculum and to allow students to move ahead when ready.
    • Strengthen our Advisory period to counsel students and prepare them for college, career, and life.



    We encourage you to become involved by participating in the development of the Central’s Continues Improvement Plan.  Please contact John Biera at (602) 764-7502, if you are interested in being part of Central’s Site Council or would like more information on Central.

    Educationally yours,
    John Biera, Central High School Principal