• Name: Besch
    Subjects / Classes Taught: Honors Human Anatomy and Physiology, Biology, Physical Science
    In Honors Human Anatomy and Physiology expect to explore the following: 
    • Week


      Events Occurring

      Textbook Chapters (supplemental resource)


      Orientation to the body

      body organization activities (regions, planes, cavities), overview of body systems foldable, Hokey Pokey activity, worksheets, Princeton Review Anatomical Coloring

      Chapter 1


      Cells and Tissues

      Review of microscopy skills, cell structure and function, tissues, lab practical on tissues and cell structure/function, exam

      Chapters 2-5


      Skin and membranes

      Surface area of skin lab, structure of skin, Princeton Review Anatomical Coloring, Sensory Receptors lab, Buffalo.edu Case Studies in Science “Lost in the Desert”, exam

      Chapter 6


      Nervous system



      Model nerve, model brain, abnormalities of nervous system, reflexes lab, model skulls,  neuromuscular junction modeling activity, lab practical, Princeton Review Anatomical Coloring, Case Studies in Science, exam

      Chapters 10 and 11






      Special senses




      ear, eye, smell and taste lab, super taster lab, ear and balance lab, pain case studies, Senses abnormalities GRO, vision lab, Nova movie, exam

      Chapter 12





      Endocrine System

      Glands, hormone communication, diabetes, Hormone ‘Advertisements’, Princeton Review Anatomical Coloring, Case Studies in Science, exam

      Chapter 13


      Cardiovascular system and blood

      blood cell, vein vs. artery inquiry investigation, blood flow through heart, Vernier LabPro labs - cardiac conduction lab, cardiac rate lab, blood pressure lab, exam 

      Chapters 14 and 15


      Respiratory System

      Vernier LabPro labs  - spirometer labs, breathing rate lab, Princeton Review Anatomical Coloring, Case Studies in Science, exam

      Chapter 19


      Lymphatic system and Immunity

      white blood cell lab, spread of infectious diseases, autoimmune disease GRO, Princeton Review Anatomical Coloring, exam

      Chapter 16


      Skeletal system and joints

      Disarticulated skeleton, lab practicum structure of bone lab, skeleton labs, bone growth and remodeling, skull lab, joints, types of movement, Princeton Review Anatomical Coloring, exam

      Chapters 7 and 8


      Nutrition and Digestion

      food journal, digestion, analysis of fad diets and their impacts, exam

      Chapters 17 and 18


      Muscles and Fitness

      muscle contraction, types of muscle fibers lab, comprehensive fitness test, fitness goal-setting, muscle fatigue lab inquiry investigation, Vernier LabPro labs - aerobic vs. anaerobic respiration lab, exam

      Chapter 9


      Male and Female Reproductive Systems and Developmental Biology

      Meiosis vs. mitosis, male vs. female, STDs, birth control, Princeton Review Anatomical Coloring, exam

      Chapters 22 and 23


      Urinary system

      abnormalities of urinary system GRO, case study on abnormalities of urinary system, quiz

      Chapter 20



      review of Mendelian genetics, disease pedigree, DNA safari activity, gene therapy and recombinant DNA technology GRO, exam

      Chapter 24