• Pesqueira
    Marivel Pesqueira         
    Instructional Leader of Counseling    
    BS Psychology, MAEd Educational Counseling
    Email: pesqueira@phoenixunion.org
    Phone: 602-764-4023
    Office Hours: 8:15am - 4:15pm
    Welcome to the Chavez Counseling Department! 
    The Chavez Counseling Department works with staff, students, parents and the community to ensure student success at Cesar Chavez High School. We provide preventative and developmental guidance counseling instruction for students to find success not just in high school, but for a lifetime. Our contact with students is ongoing throughout the year, supporting and guiding all academic and personal areas. This variety of contacts, lessons, and presentations are tailored to address academic, personal/social and post high school interests. We are proud of our students at Chavez and will always push them to meet and go beyond their potential!
    Please make an appointment to see me during my work hours before, during lunch or after school with our Counseling Assistant at 602-764-4007. I look forward to working with all of my students, new and continuing!