• Name: Roy Dial
    2016-17 Classes: Algebra 3-4 Inclusion
    Subjects / Classes Taught: Intro, Alg. 1/2, Geometry, Alg. 3/4, AIMS Prep
    Degree(s): Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

    Hello.  I grew up in a small town in Washington state, Brewster.  I then started college at Wenatchee Valley Community College, where I also played college baseball.  I then transferred to Washington State University where I completed my Bachelor of Science in Mathematics in 2000.  After college, I moved to Yuma, AZ.  My first teaching assignment was there at Yuma High School.  I spent 3 years at Yuma High before moving to Phoenix and Cesar Chavez.  This is currently my 13th year here at Cesar Chavez High School and is my 16th year teaching overall.  I am also a coach for the Boy's Golf team.  I have also coached football, wrestling, and baseball in the past.