Ms. Flo Flynn
    KCAI, UNL- University of Nebr. - LIncoln   B.F.A.
    UNK- University of Nebr. - Kearney  M.A.E 

    "Get Your Hands In Clay and Get Connected to Your Inner Soul and the Earth"
    Flo Flynn
    Ceramics- A common thread in human culture for over 30,000 years.
    "Your Life is your message to the World - make sure it is Inspiring" Tammy Lee
    Ceramics 1-2 is a beginning level course that provides an opportunity for students to explore three dimensional design with clay.  The study of ceramics helps students develop and awareness of functional and sculptural form, knowledge of ceramic techniques and a basic understanding of design aesthetics.  Studies of ceramic artwork and the process of contemporary artists, world cultures and various periods of ceramic history will be studied
    Ceramics 3-4  is an intermediate level course that provides students an opportunity to become familiar with sources and characteristics of clay as an art medium.  Students in this class will create functional and sculptural art objects that demonstrate more advanced levels of understanding of three-dimensional design aesthetics in hand building and pottery wheel methods.
    Advanced Placement - 3D Design This course provides intensive, self- motivated, self discovery study. Within this self discovery a student is required to meet production guidelines- this work is then submitted to a national board and if the work meets the requirements the student may attain college level credits.as well as their highschool credits
    Lab Fees- $20 per semester   Student fees contribute to a successful ceramics program.  The fee goes towards clay, tools, glazes and other misc. supplies
    Some of our Advanced work...