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    Arthur Garcia
    Secondary Education with an emphasis in English (ASU)
    Master of Educational Technology (NAU)
    English 7-8
    English 5-6
    Room 3103 
    Excelsior! Hello! I am Mr. Garcia. I am currently teaching 11th and 12th grade English. The 2018-2019 school year marks my 14th year of teaching (that was fast). I have one lovely wife, two strapping sons, and two lazy cats. I also love comics, movies, coffee, and music.

    In need of exta help?
    Here are your options:
    1) Please get signed out for Advisory (by 10am the day of)
    2) Come in before school between 7:00a and 7:30a
    3) Come in after school between 2:35p and 3:05p
    You can reserve a before or after school appointment by following this link:
    (Students, log in with your Google account (your Phoenix Union email) to book a time)

    Weekly Schedule:

    We will use lots of different web services for instruction and creating assignments. Below you will find the links to the main services we will use in class with a brief explanation of its purpose. 

    Google classroom logo
    Google Classroom will be our main online presence for class. Google Classroom allows the teacher to post assignments, quizzes, and polls in class. 
    google Students will be encouraged to use Google Apps for use at home, and will have access to these programs in our library computer labs. Students will be expected to type essays, gives presentations, and create multimedia for class projects.
    Turnitin is a service for students to submit assignments online. Once an assignment is submitted, Turnitin will check for plagiarism against a large database of other submitted assignments (within the district and across the country). Students will submit their major writing assignments to Turnitin, and their Google accounts will be connected to allow for easy assignment submission.
    Diigo is a digital highlighter and sticky note service. With Diigo, the students will be able to digitally annotate websites and other online sources. Students can create and organize their online bookmarks to keep their online research in order. Students can also work collaboratively within Diigo to share bookmarks and annotations.