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    Announcements: 2018-2019! 
    Check out our video we made for our freshman on campus!~



    Also, here is the video link to the video we made with CouncilWoman, Laura Pastor encouraging kids to get involved and vote! 


    Click Here for Photos and Here for Videos

    UPCOMING DATES for the 1st hour and 2nd hour marching band class (in purple, pep drumline only)
    Full rehearsals are 445-9pm, Games call time is 445 for 2nd hour and 4pm for zero hour



        • 2/12, 2/13 (330pm-730pm) , 2/19, 2/21, 2/26 and 2/28-rehearsals
        • 2/14 basketball game, playoffs, call time 545pm
        • 2/16 11am-7pm
        • 2/22-PUHSD GALA,  0 hour, call time 430pm


          Phoenix Union Gala


          Phoenix Art Museum

          1625 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85004


          3:30pm-meet in piano lab/band room

          4pm-load and leave, get food at Wendy’s/Popeyes at 35th ave and baseline

          530pm (depending on traffic) –arrive at Gala

          6pm-6:30pm-rotate piano performances, other schools will be involved. Performances will be in lobby as people are coming in. Drumline put jackets on, get drums unloaded. Do a walk through to see the path

          645pm-drumline leads the beginning of the Gala. Perform for 10 minutes

          7:00pm-load bus, leave

          745-pm arrive back at Chavez. Drumline unload and change out of uniform.  Please have your rides here by 745pm to ensure we can all go home and enjoy our Friday nights. If there are any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me at 928-606-1304 or brightwell-balot@phoenixunion.org


        • 2/23 -saturday indoor rehaersal 11am-730pm as well as frosh tour performance (0 hour 10-1pm), call time 830am
        • 3/1-dress rehearsal for percussion focus show, 430-830pm
        • 3/2-percussion focus show, perform at 226, unstable and 709 for Rochambeaux. Awards are at 9pm
        • 3/5 rehearsal
        • 3/7 indoor only rehearsal
        • SPRING BREAK REHEARSALS TBA. 3/8 (1-730pm) and 3/9 (11-730)
        • 3/22, friday, dress rehearsal for Basha, 430-830pm
        • 3/23 Basha Competition
        • 3/26 and 3/28-rehearsals 445-9pm
        • 3/29 (possible indoor championships). 3/30 possible indoor championships. IF champsionships are on Friday, we will do our rehearsal during the school day, if they are Saturday we will have a dress rehearsal Friday night
      • rehearsals/ performances after championships
      • 4/2  and 4/4 Th
      • 4/8 and 4/10 T and Th
      • 4/16 and 4/18 T and Th
      • 4/19 and 4/20, possible performance for Rochambeaux folks 
      • 4/23 T
      • 4/25-4/28-Trip
      • 4/29 T
      • 5/1 Thu
      • 5/6 Dress reh for percussion concert! 5-9
      • 5/7 First ever Percussion only concert! call time 5pm~
      • 5/9, rehearsal Th 
      • 5/14, rehearsal T
      • 5/16, finale concert with band! 5pm call time. 
    Marching resources to check out!
    How to Read Drill:
    How music affects our brains:
    How to read music:
    The healthy marching band: 
    The Sound Perfection: 
    First Day of Rehearsal and moving forward: 
    Secrets to a Successful Audition 
    Tips for Cleaning Drill: 
    Marching band videos  


    Weekly Activity report and practice logs are due EVERY MONDAY!  Please see Mrs. Brightwell-Balot if there are any questions or concerns about upcoming rehearsals and performances. I do understand things come up and you may have to miss rehearsal, show up late or leave early. Communication is key! -If you must miss rehearsal I need an email or phone call from your parent/guardian for it to be excused.    
    A Little About Me:  Music has a wonderful way to reach people. I enjoy teaching  students in grades 9-12 about music, responsibility, communication and life skills. I recognize the importance of taking the time to learn about each student, spending time with them, evaluating each student's abilities and providing them custom instruction that is tailored to meet their needs and the bands needs.
    I am a Phoenix native with a BA in Percussion Performance from NAU  and an ME in Education from Grand Canyon University. I have a extensive background in percussion and piano. I have performed in and teach/have taught various ensembles that include: mallet percussion, marching band,  concert percussion, orchestra, professional symphonies, percussion ensemble, steel drum band and  jazz band.  My husband, Shad Balot and I have been writing award winning batterie and front ensemble parts for over many year in Arizona.  (Click Here for My Bio) 
    NEW!! I am currently the Vice President of the Arizona Chapter of the Percussive Arts Society and in my inaugural year of judging for WGAZ!
    My main office number is 2010, however you can also find me in #2021 (band room). My office hours are: T and W 2:30pm-4:30pm
    Subjects / Classes Taught:
    Advanced Marching/Concert Band(Percussion):      The Chavez band and drumline is a great class to take if you have prior music experience and you love music! This class will help you hone your playing skills while you make ever lasting friendships.  You will have many opportunities to perform throughout the fall and spring semesters.  In the fall the class Is primarily focused on marching band. The marching band plays at football games and competitions.  IN the spring the class has more focus on a concert setting.  Once you join, you will learn so much and have so much fun you can’t imagine your life without the Chavez Percussion!! 
    Pep Drumline (listed as Intermediate band (DRM) in course catalog)      This is the pep drumline class. This class is meant for students who would like to be on the drumline and have some experience playing an instrument and reading music.  We are the “Pep band” of the school and play at school events such as: assemblies, basketball games, football games and future freshman night! We also play out at elementary schools and other community events throughout the school year! This class is meant for any students who have basic music experience. The is a prerequisite to be in the drumline class (beginning band or another music class) but with teacher approval, you may be in the drumline class. We move quickly so you need to have the foundational skills of music down to be successful in the class. 
    Beginning Band: MR. LOZANO teahcers it this year- We start at the VERY BEGINNING here! all note reading and rhythm reading takes place in this class so this is the best place to start if you don't know how to read music or are rusty reading music from your junior high this is the place for you. This class is best suited for a student that would like to learn a wind or percussion instrument! This is great for the student that needs a performing art credit but is also really geared for students that would like to move into the advanced class or the pep drumline! 
    Beginning Guitar:- I do not teach it this year.. ....      The guitar class is meant for students who would like to learn more about playing classical guitar. The beginning guitar class is geared for students who have not ever played an instrument before and would like to not only learn about classical guitar playing but would also like to learn how to read music.  The guitar ensemble is meant for students that have prior guitar playing experience and would like to hone their skills playing classical guitar by playing solo and ensemble literature.  Here is link to a classical guitar piece titled "Leyenda" by Issac Albeniz    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oEfFbuT3I6A 
    Piano Lab:   

    The piano classes range from students who haven’t ever played piano before to students who have been playing for years. This class can help you learn how to play piano or you can continue pushing your piano skills to the highest potential by playing piano throughout your high school career.   If you want to learn how to play “Twinkle Twinkle Little star” or “Moonlight Sonata”, this piano class is the right place for you!

    Here is a link to a piano piece by Yimura titled "River Flows in You"  
    Percussion Instruction:   Percussion instruction includes everything a student may want to further their percussion career! This includes: all mallet instruments, concert instruments, timpani, concert snare drum, drumset,  auxilary instruments, steel drums, preparation for auditions into regionals, all-state, college studios and other like audition. Drumline Instruction:  Drumline instruction includes anything and everything a student may need for drumline! Everything from the front ensemble, bass drum, tenors and Snare drum, high school to DCI. This can include private lessons, segments, battery, front ensemble or the whole group together.
    Performing Live:     Performing live at various venues both as a stand alone drumline, percussion ensemble and as part of a complete marching band is one of the most rewarding aspects of our music field.   Whether in competition or concert environment the discipline, focus, teamwork. time management skills, commitment and hard work learned will be valuable through the students life.
    Alison Brightwell-Balot holds a Bachelor of Music from NAU in percussion performance, and her Masters in Education from Grand Canyon University.  During her time in Flagstaff she was caption head and music arranger for Sinagua and Coconino high school.  She also taught the front ensemble for the WGI percussion group Dark Sky in the competitive 2007-2008 season.
    In addition to teaching, Alison has been a performer with the Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra for over ten years and served as Principal for three years of that tenure. Alison has also performed for the Sedona Film Festival, Scottsdale Orchestra, Women in Tune, the Northwest Regional Concert and various other concerts in the greater Phoenix area.        
    Currently she is Director of Percussion at Cesar Chavez High School and teaches piano and is their percussion music arranger. She also serves as caption head and percussion music arranger for Sandra Day O'Connor High School. She has also arranged music for various groups in and out of Arizona.  Alison has served as an adjudicator at the Greater Phoenix honor ensemble, Regionals, Solo and Ensemble and PAS.  She has also been a guest director for the Greater Phoenix honor percussion ensemble.  
    In addition to the above Alison was on staff and co-percussion writer for the newest group and only DCI Sound Sport program in Phoenix called  "Phenom Performing Arts".    She is also involved with WGAZ and has the honor of being a judge for various competitions!   Lastly, she has the extreme privilege to serve as the Vice President for the Arizona Chapter of the Percussive Arts Society!
    Alison is an active member in the Percussive Arts Society, The Arizona Music Educator's Association and the Music Educator's National Conference.       Alison's passion is about music! She loves teaching music and sharing her passion of music with others.  
    Alison currently resides in Laveen, Arizona with the love of her life and colleague in percussion, her husband, Shad Balot, her step-daughter and 4 dogs.   
    Old Announcements:
    ongratulations to the Indoor Drumline for their 3rd place overall (and 1st place music) at Championships!  
    Congratulations to our Indoor Drumline for coming in 2nd place at Campo Verde invitational on 3/24! One more push towards championships! We are going in seeded 3rd overall! we play at 619pm. 
    Congratulations to our Cesar Chavez Champion Marching Band for receiving the "BEST MARCHING BAND AWARD" for the Electric LIght Parade!
    Congratulations to our Champion marching band for their amazing season this year! we received an excellent rating at the state marching festival along with captions for Percussion, Music, and General Effect! What a year and it's not even near over with yet! We are so proud of these kids!  
     Congratulations to our band for their rating of Excellent at the Sierral Linda band competition on 10/24 and receiving the percussion caption! 
    Congratulations to our Champion band and their rating of Good at the GOldwater Competition on 10/21! They received captions in music, general effect, colorguard and Percussion as well as coming in 2nd in their division for the morning session! The drumline came in 1st in the overall divison as well!
    Congratulations to our band for their rating of Good at the Gilbert invitational on 10/7 and receiving 4 out of 5 special caption awards! These special captions were given for music, general effect, Cologuard and Percussion!
    Congrats to our Chavez Drumline for the AZPAS performance on 9/30! They recieved a rating of "Excellent" and a caption for tenors, basses, snares, and front ensemble! They came in first in their division! 
    Please support our club. We are trying to get heads and sticks for the marching season that has already started!