• Name: Leah Barton
    Subjects / Classes Taught: CHemistry and AVID class of 2016
    Degree(s): B.S. Biology, M.Ed. Teaching and Teacher Education
    Room: 259

    Chemistry Course Description 
    Honors Chemistry 1-2 is a laboratory science course designed to explore matter and composition of the world. The major instructional areas are: identifying consistencies in experimental data, structure of matter as a key to chemical and physical properties, mole concept, energy changes in matter, conservation of energy, equilibrium systems and stoichiometric relationships. Laboratory work and scientific method are emphasized.


    What is Chemistry? 

    Chemistry is the study of matter and the changes that occur in matter.  These changes can be dramatic, such as explosions, or subtle such as the melting of ice or color change. Matter in simplest form is composed of particles that can be rearranged to synthesize important chemicals for medical, commercial, and/or household use. 

    Visit the class website: Chemistry @ Carl Hayden 
    About Ms. Barton
    Ms. Barton  thinks Science should be hand’s-on, lab based, challenging and fun. She hopes that every student can leave her class with a new appreciation for the amazing world around them and how science can help them explore and discover.

    Ms. Barton became an AVID teacher because she wishes she could a have been an AVID student when she was in high school, and is okay with only getting thank you’s every four years when her AVID kids go to college and realize that she really DID know what she was talking about.

    She is currently the PLC leader for Chemistry, the Chairperson of the Science Fair Committee, and the Co-Coordinator for the AVID Program. In her life outside school she enjoys playing with her daughter, reading, hiking, knitting and cooking.