•                                                                                          ALHAMBRA HIGH SCHOOL





    While on campus all individuals will:

    • Wear appropriate shoes at all times (no house slippers), no bedroom clothing (pajamas/ pants); red or blue shoelaces are not allowed nor any clothing items that the administration determines to be gang associated.

    ·         Wear shirts that must extend past the shoulder by 1”.  Garments must cover the torso, stomach, back and sides at all times. Apparel must be appropriate at all times. Low cut neck lines or “see through material” is prohibited.  This includes: muscle shirts, jerseys, tank tops, tube tops, razor backs, spaghetti straps, halter tops etc.; nor have bare midriffs or revealing cleavage.

    • Wear skirts, dresses, and shorts that must extend to at least 5” above the knee. Any rips and tears in pants and must be below the knee, NO RIPS or TEARS in shorts are allowed. Lace pantyhose and fish net stockings are prohibited. Leggings, tights, non-lace pantyhose may be worn under appropriate length garments.
    • Wear all pants, shorts, etc., at or above the hipbones. No Sagging.
    • Not wear sleeveless, shirts, vests, undershirts or oversized tank tops (basketball jerseys) alone.
    • Not wear suggestive printing on neither clothing nor caps (i.e. sex, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, cigars).
    • Not wear gang identifying articles.  Items strictly prohibited are hanging belts, belt buckles, bandanas, and any number or letters that are affiliated with gangs (i.e. 13, 14, 602, 27, 35, 67, 31, AZ, LA, PHX, PHOENIX-Script lettering, Westside, Southside, CA, City of Phoenix Emblem, and etc.).
    • Not wear clothing that is offensive to a particular ethnicity.  “In Memory of” shirts are also prohibited.
    • Not wear hairnets or bandanas, personalized caps, or do-rags.  These items will be confiscated.
    • Not wear any clothing that has been altered to reveal suggestive parts of the body.
    • Not wear wallet chains, chains, or any other clothing that can be used as a weapon(s).


    Please be advised, according to Arizona Revised Statute 15-841 the school administration has the right to determine what is and is not acceptable for the school environment.  Students who do not follow Alhambra’s Dress Code will be given an opportunity to call parents to bring them an appropriate change of clothes.  If parents cannot be contacted, students will be placed in ISS for the day or given the opportunity to purchase appropriate clothing from the bookstore.  Furthermore, if defiance of the Dress Code policy continues, students may be assigned to detention or suspension for up to nine school days.



    Electronic Devices on Campus


    Devices that disrupt the educational process: cellular phones, IPOD’s, MP3 players, PSPs, walkmans, CD players, stereos, pagers, cameras, or any electronic device are not to be used while on campus during the educational day. The use of these devices may be used before and after school however. Currently, this is before the beginning of first period and to conclude at the end of seventh period. Also, if these devices are seen during the educational day or are creating a disruption, then the device may be confiscated and turned into the Dean’s office for parent or guardian to pick up.

    (Board Policy # E1100 - The District shall not assume responsibility for the loss of, damage to, personal property stored, installed, or used on school premises.) Therefore, the security office as well as the Dean’s office will not investigate lost or stolen items that were not properly secured.

    Revised 5/13