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    Welcome to my webpage!

    Ms. D. Lynch
    Subjects / Classes:  Algebra Lab 1-2
    Degree(s): M.Ed. - Curriculum and Instruction - Technology; B.A. -  Secondary Education - Mathematics
    Email: dlynch@phoenixunion.org
    Phone:  (602) 764-7500, ext. 47747
     Room:  700 bldg, room #708.  
    Office Hours: After school, 3:00 to 3:30 p.m. daily except for Wed., due to PLC.  I am available for tutoring at those times and can stay a little longer than 3:30 p.m.  

    Course Description:

    The Algebra 1-2 course is designed to prepare students to meet the AZ Math Standards graduation requirement and provide students with the mathematical background necessary to meet college entrance requirements. Concept units include solving, graphing and writing linear functions, system of equations, exponents, radicals, polynomials, quadratics and statistics. Students who have previously received credit for Algebra 1-2 H may not receive credit for Algebra 1-2. Algebra 1-2 meets PUHSD and Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards for Mathematics, as well as, fulfilling part of the admission requirements of Arizona universities.

    Whereas, this course Algebra 1-2 LAB is a supplement to Algebra 1-2. Students in the Algebra 1-2 LAB are also enrolled in a regular Algebra 1-2 class (with a different teacher). Students will earn their math credit in their regular Algebra 1-2 class and will earn an elective credit for the Algebra 1-2 LAB. Lessons and activities for the Algebra 1-2 LAB are designed to help students better understand the Algebra 1-2 concepts and, as a result, improve their performance in the Algebra 1-2 class. Lessons and activities in Algebra 1-2 LAB are aligned to the Arizona State Common Core Standards for Mathematics and the district’s Algebra 1-2 curriculum organized into the units.


    Course Goals:

    * Develop mathematical knowledge and skills in a way that encourages confidence and provides satisfaction and enjoyment.

    * Develop an understanding of mathematical principles and an appreciation of mathematics as a logical and coherent subject.

    * Acquire a range of mathematical skills, particularly those that will enable students to use applications of mathematics in the context of everyday situations and of other subjects they may be studying.

    * Develop the ability to analyze problems logically, recognize when and how a situation may be represented mathematically, identify and interpret relevant factors and, where necessary, select an appropriate mathematical method to solve the problem.

    * Use mathematics as a means of communication with emphasis on the use of clear expression.

    * Acquire the mathematical background necessary for further study in this or related subjects.

    Specific Course Activities
    1.       Take notes.
    2.       Participate in board work, activities, and discussions.               
    3.       Complete daily assignments.
    4.        Take tests and quizzes.
    5.       Utilize school tutoring resources: K.K.I.S. (Keeping Kids in School), Scholar Center, Advisory, and Saturday School


    Materials Needed
    1.     In-class texts with handouts.
    2.     Notebook/binder, paper, graph paper .               
    3.     Pencils, colored pencils, highlighters, and erasers      
    4.     Protractors and compasses. 
    5.     Scientific calculator.