• Magnet Program Overview:
    As one of the oldest and largest magnet programs in the Phoenix Union High School District, we have seen huge changes in the way students use computer technology. We have grown with the demands and are continuing to offer courses that provide Carl Hayden students with exciting and rich learning opportunities.
    Our philosophy is to find avenues of technology innovation and bring it to Carl Hayden Community High School. Students today are immersed in computer technology. The Center for Computer Studies Magnet Program offers opportunities for students to use current computers and software while studying the latest trends in technology, programming and software engineering. Beginning courses through college-level courses are available.

    The Computer Studies Magnet Program offers students classes in two core areas. Students can choose a programming track or a multimedia track. They may also take a combination of both areas. In the programming classes students use the most current programming languages and study computer science concepts. In the multimedia track students create projects using professional-level hardware and software. In both tracks, students work with the same technology that is used in the collegiate and business world. Several of the classes give the student the opportunity to earn concurrent community college credit.

    Students use state-of-the-art software and computer equipment such as digital cameras, digital camcorders, and scanners to study computer graphic design, web design, animation and multimedia presentations that contain video and music.

    Students also learn programming and software engineering techniques in preparation for college study. Programming languages as well as engineering concepts and computer science topics are taught. Opportunities encompass all areas of technology.