• Raider Team
     COACH: MSG Porchia
    COMMANDER: Yanet Penaloza
    XO: Ivan Velez
    1st SGT: Francisco Garcia
       Hosted at Tombstone High School this P.T. competition consisted of five events. The vehicle pull the fastest time for the team of eight to pull the car to the  designated area. The rope bridge to set up a rope point to point and get six members on the rope. The rifle challenge starting with a lap run as an unit and once arriving 4 members shoot targets while the other four spot them and running a lap again 3 times shooting standing, crouching and prone, a timed event taking time off if hitting the targets and adding time if missing the targets. The litter run which this year was running an obstacle course and taking a 100 lb. dummy on a stretcher along also time penalized if 8 hands aren't on the stretcher and if it touches the floor or obstacle etc. The P.T. version of one minute sit ups and push ups adding both of the scores at the end as the total. The last event is the (5 K march) running or marching with your team 3 miles.