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    American Government Plan For Success

    Teacher:  Ms. Davis                    Room: 8211                    

    OFFICE HOURS/Tutoring Advisory or by appointment    E-mail sdavis1@phoenixunion.org


                             Welcome to American Government! I am exited to be your teacher this school year.
    Congratulations you are  heading towards graduation.  This is one of several classes you need to better prepare you for life, college and beyond.  In order for you to have a successful year and meet your graduation goal you will need to pass two (2) Social Studies classes: Economics and GovernmentIt is my goal to help you through this school year to the best of my ability and help you succeed at achieving your goal of becoming a High School graduate. Upon successful completion of this class you will receive .5 credits toward graduation.   
    Course Description: This semester we will explore the ins and outs of American Government.  We will start with a review of the origins of government then move on to the creation of the U.S. Constitution. We will then explore the different sections within the U.S. Constitution, followed by a brief glimpse into the three branches of American Government. We will end this semester with comparative politics and Arizona State government. Throughout the course students will be required to keep and maintain a writing/ reflection journal, keep up with current news events and identify countries and States on maps. In addition students will be required to complete a research paper and/ or a power point in regards to one of several topics approved by teacher.
    Course Objective: This course is intended to provide a meaningful,current overview of our dynamic American form of Government and the manner in which it functions.  We will study the role of Government in our lives and the manner in which it affects the environment, economics, and opportunities for the individual citizen or person.This course is to help students better understand the components of our system of Government and how it impacts our lives and how we can become participants in it.