• Curriculum
    The curriculum is based upon a systematic progression of learning: The scope, focus, and content of instruction is both sequential, and independent. It builds on previous capabilities, and allows a great deal of flexibility to the instructors.

    Core Subjects:

    Core Subjects include


     Citizenship in Action

     Leadership Theory and Application

     Foundations for Success

     Wellness, Fitness and First Aid

     Geography, Map Skills and Environmental Awareness

     Citizenship in American History and Government

     Air Rifle Safety and Marksmanship (optional) 



    Curriculum Enhancements:

     Service Learning (community service)

     Unlocking Your Potential (building a positive self-image, personal potential and goal setting)

     Winning Colors and Skill Mapping (behavior modification and decision making for success)

     You The People (citizenship skills)


    Elective Programs:

    Financial Planning Program (practical money management skills)

    Success Profiler (skills enhancement correlations to Leadership Theory and Application)

    Quantum Learning (strategies, tactics, and tools for the classroom)


    Physical Activity/Leader Assessment:

    Leadership Application

    Cadet Challenge