• Overview


    Junior ROTC enrollment is approximately 2000 Cadets. Army Certified JROTC Instructors, a Director of Army Instruction (DAI), a Operations Non-Commissioned Officer (OPNS NCO) and a Military Property Specialist (MPS) are employed by the U. S. Army and school system to teach and administer the program. Instructor professional growth is attained through attendance at a 5 day JROTC Instructor Residential Course, Distance Learning Courses, and JROTC Conference/Workshops. JROTC enjoys excellent support from both the Phoenix Union High School District and the Phoenix community.

     A JROTC/SR.ROTC Affiliation Program has been established with both Arizona State University and University of Arizona Senior ROTC Programs to provide additional support to Arizona JROTC units. All JROTC units participate in local, state, and regional competitions as well as annual field trips, and summer encampments.