• Statements of Intent for 2020-2021  
    Deadline: September 6, 2019
    The SOI process is used to propose course additions/changes to the PXU catalog of offerings for students. The Statement of Intent Committee will meet later this fall to review submissions based on the need for the new course, revision, name change, or deletion. Criteria for evaluation will include how the proposed additions, changes or deletions:

    • affect current courses/programs already approved in the course catalog
    • crosswalk to the Student-Teacher Course Connection interface required by ADE
    • align to state standards
    • create opportunities for college enrollment
    • approval or acceptance by the Arizona Board of Regents and/or NCAA clearing house
    Please do not start the SOI 365 form until you have secured the needed signatures. All SOI submissions require a signature page upload. 
    When a course will be unique to a campus, the initiator of the course will need to work directly with the campus Unit Chair and Campus Committee to present the course and have a review at the campus level. Please do not complete the SOI 365 form until the campus review is complete and signatures are obtained. 
    To be considered a complete proposal, the initiator must complete the 365 Proposal Form and Verification Form. The signed Verification Form will be scanned and shared using a OneDrive link and is required for all submissions.  All required documents can be found below. 

    How to Share OneDrive 

    SOI Verification Form

    PUHSD Statement of Intent Proposal 2020-2021 Form  

    Honors Guidelines