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    American History offers students the opportunity to discover key issues, ideas, people and events that shaped the emergence and development of the U.S.A. from the mid-18th century to the start of the 21st century.  In doing so, it develops an understanding of the present as well as the past.  The syllabus enables students to study American History through the use of original historical sources, objects and visits to local sites. 

    Syllabus Aims: Students will…

            Stimulate interest in and enthusiasm about the past.

            Promote the acquisition of knowledge and understanding of human activity in the past

    ·         Ensure that the candidates’ historical knowledge is rooted in an understanding of the nature and use of historicalevidence.

    ·         Promote an understanding of the nature of cause and consequence, continuity and change, andsimilarity and difference.

            Provide a sound basis for further study and the pursuit of personal interest

            Encourage international understanding and the development of linguistic and communication skills.


    Major Topics –The curriculum will be taught chronologically with Four Themes intertwined in each Unit.  The Themes are:

    1.       Government and the People 1754-2000

    2.       Who Are Americans?

    3.       Economic and Social Change 1754-2000

    4.       America and the World 1754-2010


    What is Coursework?

    Coursework is an assignment or project completed by YOUduring the school yearthat lets you show mastery of a specific set of skills or objectives.  You will be asked to do some preparation or revision outside of class, but the writing of the coursework will be completed during class.  Your teacher will mark (grade) your coursework project and send your marks and your project to Cambridge International Examinations in Cambridge, England.





    Grading Scale: At the end of each grading period the students grades will be computed by adding up the total points the student earned and dividing it by the total number of points possible. 

    Grading Scale


    A             90% - 100%

    B              80% - 89%

    C              70% - 79%

    D             60% - 69%

    F              Under 60%


    All  Students will prepare for 21st century colleges and careers:


























                                                                                                                       Asking questions about sources

                                                                                                           Thinking critically about the motivations and emotions of historical figures

    ·                                                                                                                                                         Discussingthe causes and effects of a historical event with a peer

                                                                                                           Comparing historical events to current social, economic, or political issues

         Using information to analyze current world situations



     American History (US)Coursework Assignment for 2012-13

    DUE DATE: March 2013

    Directions:For this component, candidates undertake a research-based inquiry into a local site or object. Each candidate must research the site or object in context to assess its historical significance.

    The class teacher selects the site or object for the entire class to investigate individually. The emphasis should be on an ordinary site or object so its significance will be local/regional. There is no requirement to select somewhere of national significance. Working on a single site or object makes it more practical to arrange a field trip to visit the site or to view the object in person. It also makes it easier for candidates to share primary and/or secondary resources in their individual research.

    Candidates submit their research in the form of a single word-processed essay of 1,400–1,600 words (work beyond the 1,600 word limit will be excluded from the assessment).

    An authentication cover sheet will be required. This is a declaration signed by the teacher and the candidate.

    As part of the coursework, candidates should evaluate the limitations of their study, identifying aspects forfurther research and explaining how further research would advance our historical understanding of the siteor object.

    Assessment of Coursework:Teachers mark the coursework and submit all marks and a proportion of the marked work to Cambridge for moderation.

    Major Areas of Study:

    1st Semester

    Unit 1: Revolution and Constitution

    Unit 2: Westward Expansion/Civil War

    Unit 3: Settlement of the West

    Unit 4: Emergence of the Modern US

    Unit 5: World War 1


    2nd Semester

    Unit 6: The 1920’s

    Unit 7: The Great Depression 1930’s

    Unit 8: World War 2 1941-1945

    Unit 9: Cold War Era 1946-1960

    Unit 10: Era of Social Change 1961-1975

    Unit 11: Current US History 1976-Present

    Classroom Expectations

    ·         Be prepared to participate and engage in your own learning every day.

    ·         Be positive about your own learning and in interactions with peers and teachers.

    ·         Be productive with your time inside and outside of class to maximize your growth as a reader, writer, and thinker.


    Attendance, Absences, Tardies, & Make-Up Work

    Regular attendance is required in order to be successful in this class.  Students may fail to receive credit for the class after 12 absences in a semester in accordance with Phoenix Union High School District Policy.  Students who are excessively tardy will be assigned afterschool or lunch detentions to make-up missed classtime.  Students may submit missed assignments or late work with teacher approval.


    Materials Needed

    1)      Spiral notebook (one subject with a minimum of 70 pages)

    2)      Pencils or Pens

    3)      Highlighter

    4)      Folder in which to keep papers


    Tutoring & Teacher Office Hours

    Students may receive additional support and tutoring during Advisory travel days (Mon-Tue, Thu-Fri), and sometimes on Saturday Completion Labs (1-2 Saturdays a month from 8 am – 12 pm).  Students ask for Advisory Travel Passport signatures before or after the class period.

    Additional Weekly Office Hours

    Monday – Friday 7:30-8:00 and usually during both lunch periods.