CambridgeWorld History/Geography 1-2

    Plan for Success

    CentralHigh School

    Instructor: Mr. Paul Bonnett (602) 764-7500bonnett@phxhs.k12.az.us


    Course Description: World History/Geography is a sophomore level class, and the first in Phoenix Union’s social studies program. The course is designed to teach the ideas and events that have come to shape our current civilization.  The course content is based on the State ofArizona Social Studies Standardsfor grades 9-12. 


    Textbook: Beck R. B., Naylor P.C. and Shabaka D.I. (1998)World History: Patterns of Interaction.Evanston,Illinois: McDougal Littell.


    Materials Required: Each day the student should have with them a writing utensil and a notebook used exclusively for this class.


    Major Areas of Study:


    Assignments and Assessment:  Assignments will include bell work, unit packets, tests, weekly current events, book reports, presentations, and projects.         


    Grading System: Report cards showing the students’ percentages will be issued every three weeks. However, semester (1/2 year) grades are the only ones recorded on a student’s permanent transcript. Semester grades are based on the following scale with percentages determined from the total points available during each semester. (Total # of points earned divided by the total # of points available.) The semester examination will be equal to 20% of the total number of points available for the semester.


    Grading Scale: 90-100% = A

                             80- 89% =  B

                             70- 79% =  C

                             60- 69% =  D 

                               0 – 59% = F


    Attendance Policy: The school’s attendance policy will be strictly followed. Parents will be notified after 3 unexcused absences. After 12 unexcused absences the student will be referred to administration to be dropped from the course.

     If the student must miss a class, please note that in order for the absence to be recorded asexcuseda parent must call in or write a note within 72 hours of the absence.



    Make-up work: If a student is absent from a class, excused or not, it is thestudent’sresponsibility to contact the teacher concerning missed information and assignments.

    Make-up work will be allowed forexcusedabsences only and must be made up on the student’s own time.


    Tardy Policy:Prompt arrival to class is expected. Failure to arrive on time will cost the student a 15 minute after school detention to be served within 2 days of the tardy. Failure to serve the detention will result in a disciplinary referral to the Dean of Discipline.


    Behavior: Students are expected to demonstrate mature behavior. Respect for the teacher (including substitutes), fellow students, and school property is expected. Any behavior that interferes with the teacher’s ability to teach or another student’s ability to learn will not be tolerated.

    Other school policies concerning the dress code, possession and use of electronic devices and food and drinks will be adhered to.


    Where I Can Be Reached: Before school and after school I will be in my classroom (#327). I am also available to set up a different time if these two scheduled times do not coincide with your schedule. You may also come to see me during advisory class.  If you need to reach me by phone please call the school’s receptionist (602) 764-7500 and leave a message. I will call you at my earliest convenience. I can also be contacted via e-mail. My school e-mail addresbonnett@phxhs.k12.az.us