• Environmental Science 1-2 Scope and Sequence

    Quarter 1

    Quarter 2

    Quarter 3

    Quarter 4

    Methods of Science

    · Scientific inquiry

    · Data analysis (graphs and tables)

    · Process of peer review

    · Importance of replication

    Economics and Environmental policy

    · Policy (Clean Air Act, Environmental Impact statement, Endangered species Act, Clean water act, NEPA/EPA, Department of the Interior)

    · Sustainability triangle (social, economic, environmental)

    · Cost benefit analysis

    · Eco-labels (energy star, fair trade, USDA organic, FSC, recycle)

    Population ecology

    ·        Calculating birth and death rates

    ·        Immigration and emigration

    ·        Population density

    ·        Carrying capacity (exponential and logistic growth patterns)

    ·        Limiting factors

    ·        Biotic/abiotic factors

    Population Demographics and Human Population

    · Demographic transition (pre-industrial, industrial, transitional, post-industrial)

    · Age structure diagrams (affluence, education, access to health care, cultural influences)

    · Predict future population demographics

    Biodiversity and Human Impacts on Biomes

    ·        Biomes (desert, savanna, tundra, tropical rainforest, boreal forest, chaparral)

    ·        Climatograph

    ·        Biodiversity (protecting and preserving)

    ·        Economic value, scientific value, cultural value, educational value

    Renewable and Non-renewable resource Use in Arizona

    · Water management methods (dams, canals, irrigation, water usage)

    · Pollution (point and non-point source, thermal, groundwater, biological)

    · Soil erosion-human activities and prevention (mining, deforestation, agricultural/farming techniques, livestock)

    · Minerals (sustainable use)

    · Fire ecology (suppression policy, prescribed burns)


    Energy and Its Impact on Climate

    ·   Energy conversion (mechanical, chemical, kinetic, potential)

    ·   Fossil fuels and use (coal, oil, natural gas)

    ·   Alternative energy (hydrogen fuel, solar, geothermal, hydroelectric, wind, biomass, nuclear, tidal)

    ·   Benefits and limits of fossil fuels/alternative energy sources

    ·   Climate (CO2 over time, greenhouse gases and effect)

    ·   Global climate change (evidence and impact of)


    ·   Waste management (impacts and reduction, management methods)

    ·   Urbanization (heat island effect-causes and prevention, vegetation effects and transportation effects-mass transit, car pooling



    Quarter 1 suggested extension topics

    Quarter 2 suggested extension topics

    Quarter 3 suggested extension topics

    Quarter 4 suggested extension topics

    • hypothesis vs theory
    • bias

    ·        Ethics

    ·        Green taxes

    ·        Lobbying

    ·        Subsidy

    ·        Supply and demand

    ·        Population distribution

    ·        Survivorship curves

    ·        biodiversity hotspots

    ·        hibernation

    ·        adaptations

    ·        human carrying capacity



    ·        Water cycle

    ·        Smelting

    ·        Compost

    ·        Nitrogen cycle

    ·        Carbon cycle

    ·        Carbon footprint

    ·        Carbon sequestration

    ·        Atmospheric layers